Workshop on Attention for Social Intelligence


Potential participants are invited to submit either a full-length technical paper, a short position paper or extended abstract. Technical papers including references and figures must be no longer than 10 pages in length. Short position paper and extended abstracts can be up to 3-4 pages in length. We encourage the submission of papers on new and critical issues as a way to start interesting conversations during the workshop. Videos and multimedia material are also welcome.

All the contributions will be peer-reviewed and they have to be submitted through EasyChair management system at this url. Please contact us for any submission greater than 20MB and for any problem concerning paper submissions.


Contributions are sought in the following areas of research:

  • Theories of computational attention
  • Applications of attention in Social Robotics
  • Computational architectures for attention
  • Attentive control in robotic and cognitive systems
  • Attention in reasoning, decision making and planning
  • Social Attention, Social Referencing and Social Reputation
  • The role of attention in empathy and Theory of Mind
  • Attention in novel situations, surprise and anticipation
  • Aspects of attention in curiosity, creativity, interestingness and aesthetics
  • Aspects of attention in memory
  • Joint attention in human-robot interaction

Due to the diversity of disciplines engaging in this area, related contributions in other fields are also welcome.


The papers accepted to the workshop (both full-length papers and short position/abstract papers) will be published online on UTS ePRESS (