International Conference on Social Robotics

Information for Authors

Important: If you do not already have a visa for Australia, you need to apply NOW. There is NO visa-on-arrival.

At ICSR 2014 the primary method of presenting your work will be via posters. A small number of talks have been selected for oral presentation. This selection is purely based on the program. It is not reflective of the quality of work. That is, all papers are "Full" papers.

Poster Information

Posters can be printed at any size, provided they are no more than 1.2 meters wide. They can be printed in landscape or portait orientation. I recommend printing on A1 sized paper. You are responsible for printing.

Each poster will also have 2 minutes and 30 seconds to present a brief summary or advertisment of the work. The purpose of this talk is to convince participants to visit your poster. I'd like to encourage you to have fun with your summary and be entertaining: feel free to be provocative and focus on the key conceptual insights.

If you would like to use a PDF, PowerPoint presentation or video in your presentation please send it to

Oral Presentations

If you have been invited to do an oral presentation, you will have received an email. Oral presentations are 12 minutes and 30 seconds each (plus 2 minutes 30 minutes of questions) (papers in the KR special session have slightly longer as per your email).

If you have an oral presentation, you may also prepare a poster. However, this is optional - particularly if you feel that your talk has communicated all the points you wanted to make. Refer to the instructions above for posters.

If you have an oral presentation, you can use the poster session that occurs after your talk (i.e., Tuesday afternoon tea if you presented any time on Tuesday before afternoon tea. Wednesday, otherwise).