International Conference on Social Robotics


Competitions submission deadline: Wednesday 8th October, 23:59 GMT

Competition results are available on the Awards page.

Shortlist contacted: Monday 13th October


Following the design competition, all selected participants will receive finalist certificates, and the conference attendees will vote for the top three entries who will receive the following prizes:


Can a robot exhibit Social Intelligence? Can we design robots that are capable of effectively negotiating complex social relationships in an environments structured for humans?

As technology advances, it becomes increasingly possible to design robots that can significantly improve the quality of human life by providing assistance. Such robots can be the key that enables independent living or provides support in work-intensive, difficult and complex situations. Fluent interaction and collaboration with people clearly requires that robots develop social intelligence, a critical capacity for negotiating both complex social relationships and human-centric environments.

The International Conference on Social Robotics once again welcomes conceptual or practical submissions to the robot design competition, which will be held at lunch time on the third day of the conference (Wed 29th October) at the Sydney Powerhouse Museum. The competition is open to all disciplines and focuses on the theme of ‘Social Intelligence’ in social robotics.

We want you to give us your perspective on what a modern/near future robot might be. Specifically, we are looking for ideas for creating future robots that can significantly improve the quality of human life through assistance, and how such robots would benefit society or individuals.

Entry is FREE.


The robot design competition welcomes applicants from any background and in whatever format best suits your idea and your practice.

Submissions may include:

The only constraint is that your idea can be presented to the conference audience inside during an hour long session.

Each submission will need to be accompanied by a summary including a concise abstract/synopsis of a maximum of 50 words.

Up to 15 submissions will be initially selected for presentation at the conference during an interactive session.

One person from each of the selected designs will also be invited to attend half a day of the conference for free. This means invited entrants will be able to attend the presentation by speaker Guy Hoffman to see his latest research on embodied cognition and intelligence in robots.

Whatever your background or experience, this competition is a great way to present your work to an international robotics research audience.

If your application is physical or a performance piece or otherwise unsuitable to submit via email, please send details to the email address below and we will negotiate an appropriate means to receive it. For people who require a monitor and/or laptop to show their videos, please let us know in advance. Please note that we are unable to cover transport, accommodation or printing costs incurred by presenters.

Submit your idea in whatever format suits you to